Blogging Tips

Stumbled upon a site Trick and Tips Tutorial Blogger is an interesting recipe for change blogspot domain on the service Blogger in a free domain Actually, the recipe is versatile and this domain is free to tie to any of your project, I heard some even make money that captures and then resell the successful (in this case, of course, I doubt it a bit, because obviously prestigious domain, so the serious money is unlikely that anyone will buy domain names But I'll tell you about how perform data manipulation service Blogger. On the main blog, I did not experiment because they say to Runet thing is not very relevant, because in Yandex,, apparently out of favor. I do not know what he bought for it and sell, personal experience not yet, but, logically, seems to be true.

I myself has registered a domain name and tie it to one English-language project, which is not a pity to lose and yet there is not something special. Well, we finish with the lyrics. That's to-do sheet for those wishing to Blogger: 1) Go to the site 2) Create an account there. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את היועץ המשפטי לממשלה. 3) Register the domain name you with a nice (say, for some particularly bawdy names can still ask for money, but I have not noticed). עוד מידע על השר אורי אריאל ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. And yet, I first went a step "3" on once that is complete, required to create an account, but the registration was successful, but I think it more logical to first create an account – still have. 4) Once the domain name go into the settings, remember, we do settings for the service Blogger! ('Setup -> Manage domain'), or the same as well, in Russian, I think you can not translate -). 5) Select where 'Zone Records' 6) In the column Host, trying to drive your resulting domain name ( 7) In the column 'Type' select 'CNAME'.

8) In the column 'Value' '' 9) Push button 'Setup' to you do not mess up the steps to 9.5 below the picture. Now, go to your account at Blogger, and make the following changes to the infusion. 1) Go to "Settings -> Publish" 2) Click "User Domain" 3) Click "Go to the advanced settings ", 4) trying to drive the resulting domain name and click save. Voila! You're done! 24-48 hours your new domain will work, and it will redirect requests to the old address blogspot. Where do I see this application? I think in the first place for projects aimed at English-speaking audience. This good-at least by the fact that the domain name more aesthetic than bulky blogspot and it is much easier to remember. Well, in general, in principle, all the little things -). Enjoy your experiments and do not forget to sign the RSS.